ECS is finally affiliated by ESC

On the 27th of august 2018, in ESC congress held in Munich, German, the Emirates Cardiac Society has signed an agreement with the European Society of Cardiology stating that ECS has been affiliated cardiac society to ESC. The aim of creating the status as an affiliated cardiac society is to extend the reach of the mission of the European Society of Cardiology, to express the fact that the affiliated cardiac society shares general views and ideals of the European society of cardiology, to foster scientific and educational exchange and collaboration between the two societies and to communicate the spirit of collaboration externally

Winning the bid to host Asian Pacific Society of cardiology 2023

Dr. Abdullah shehab attended APSC2018 in Taipei, Taiwan. There, He as the ECS president presented a bid to host ASPC2023 to be held in Dubai, UAE. ECS won the bid to host the conference. Congratulations to all Cardiologists in UAE.